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德国Winterberg滑雪别墅 / Third Skin Architecture

2017-11-09 13:28 gooood


This project with their slopping roofs and angled shapes can be an excellent example of a structure built with its own and strong sense of identity and modern functionalism that stands out from the normal ski villa, but that also relates to its surroundings in a respectfully contextual way. Villas Winterberg is a thoughtful and sustainable project, capturing the best in contemporary architectural and interior design. It’s both beautiful and liveable.

▼建筑外观,external view of the building


It was intended to build a tourist development with about 20 villas and apartments in a modern contemporary style in the center of the village and with direct access to the ski slopes of the authentic village of Neuastenberg (in Winterberg). All villas should be comfortable and have a layout and internal environment that would provide well-being and have a unique look to the region of Winterberg with a refreshing architecture.

▼项目与滑雪道直接相连。The project has direct access to the ski slopes.


We were challenged to define here a clear conceptual approach which would reunite a traditional building technique with a contemporary architecture and a dynamic language of shape. Creating new constructions in existing historical or traditional environments is all about balance – fitting in without appearing to falsely copy what came before. One thing is to design an outstanding modern home, but quite another to make a contemporary modernist design also fit with a less modern neighborhood. In the minds of all involved in the process, a successful contemporary design should be like what you can see here: something that works with the materiality and scale of what is around it but that is also clearly understood as a new intervention.

▼项目形式独特,却又和周边环境协调统一。The houses in unique style being harmony in the context.

建筑师希望在传统和创新之间创造一种充满趣味的平衡。Neuastenberg 传统房屋有着强烈的屋顶形式,用料简洁,成为了建筑的几何形态和材料的灵感来源。设计利用这样的几何形态将阳光送入露台,并且让每个房间,甚至在后部的公寓,都可以一瞥基地周边的美景。关注基地条件,将建筑和环境整合在一起是设计的另一个主要目标。别墅中设有一片绿色公共区域,在Neuastenberg村和建筑室内之间建立了一种连续感。此外,每处生活区域都可以看到滑雪道,进一步加深了建筑内部和环境的联系。

Our general philosophy was to create an interesting balance between innovation and tradition. The scheme’s geometric and material consistency was inspired by the powerful roof forms and simple materials of Neuastenberg buildings. We utilized these geometries to bring light into terraced courtyards and permit oblique views to the landscape beyond the site from all the living areas, including from the apartments blocks on the back. This was in fact another major goal here, to focus on the site and its particular conditions, as well as on a good integration of the overall project with the surroundings. This was achieved thanks to the possibility to see the skiing slope from all the living areas and with the creation of a communal green area that transports the sense of community from the village of Neuastenberg to the interior of the project.

▼坡屋顶和木材来自于当地传统建筑,透过整面玻璃可以尽享美景。The sloped roof and wooden material are inspired by the local buildings while through the glazed facade people could enjoy panoramic views.


The layout of the houses should be spacious and all villas and apartments should have a nice covered patio or balcony overlooking the Postwiesen ski area. Large windows were a key requirement in order to provide plenty of natural light and panoramic views to make users feel more in touch with nature. The villas and apartments should be able to accommodate 4 to 14 people.

▼别墅设有带屋顶的室外露台,与自然亲密接触。Villas with roofed terrace, enjoying intimate relationship.


The main entrance leads to a convenient foyer area with a bench, a large closet for bulky winter coats, and hooks for hanging items to dry. This was a crucial point here, to avoid having the entrance opening directly into the living area, with not even a coat closet nearby. That might be acceptable – though far from ideal – in warm dry climates, but it doesn’t work in places that get a lot of snow or rain.

▼别墅入口门厅设有衣柜,便于使用。Convenient foyer with large cabinet.


What makes this villas and apartments so inviting is the sense of proportion as well as the fluid circulation that surprises with a glimpse into the outside landscape. A more intimate experience of space is achieved through the sloped ceiling of the living area. The interior spaces contain minimalistic leather furniture, artwork and designer lamps that bring modern inspiration to these both family and nature-friendly homes. 

▼宽敞的起居空间,spacious living space

▼起居室和室外露台相连,空间明亮,景色优美。Living room is continued with outdoor terrace, creating a bright space with natural scenery.

▼开放式厨房,open kitchen

项目选取拥有自然颜色和纹理的材料,如木材、石材、混凝土、玻璃、纺织品,金属和皮革等。底层的瓷砖铺地为良好的蓄热体,可以通过太阳能加热为空间供暖。The materials were chosen for their organic appearance, natural textures and colors; like wood, stone, concrete, glass, textile, metal and leather. Ground-floor porcelain tiled floors provide thermal mass for underfloor and passive solar heating.

▼室内采用自然的材料。Interior with materials in natural texture and colors.

▼浴室渲染图,蓄热体瓷砖为空间供暖。Rendering of the bathroom, porcelain tiles provide thermal mass for heating the space.

▼总平面图,master plan




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